Installing Tile Roof in Los Angeles

Tile Roofing Options

With over two decades of installation experience, Eba Roofing Inc. has put in hundreds of tile roofs for customers in Los Angeles, CA.
Tile roofing is very common in Los Angeles, California and is often seen on Southwest-style and Mediterranean-inspired homes. Not only does a tile roof add elegance and curb appeal, it is also extremely durable and can last for many years. Tile roofing can be made from fired clay, concrete, or slate and can provide a sturdy and secure roof for your home.
If you live in Los Angeles, CA, and looking for a roofing contractor to install or repair clay, concrete or slate roofing, look no further than Eba Roofing Inc.! Roofing tiles come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can be sure to find one that fits your home’s architecture. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, tiles also offer a host of benefits that extend beyond the visual.

Advantage of Tile Roofs in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for a roof that can stand the test of time — and we mean 50 years or more — then it’s time to consider clay, concrete, or slate tile. In addition to their expected longevity, these tiles provide excellent fire resistance and are impervious to rot and bugs, making it a great choice for the Los Angeles climate.
While tile roofing may be an expensive material to use at the beginning, materials such as concrete, clay, and slate tiles can make up for their initial cost. Additionally, roofing tiles can do a better job of regulating the temperature inside your home due to their high thermal mass — helping to reduce heating and cooling bills.
In addition, when you install concrete, clay, or slate tiles, you will enjoy the advantages of increased durability and longevity, so you’ll save money by not needing to replace your roof every decade.
When looking for repair or replacement of your tile roof, look no further than Eba Roofing Inc., the premier roofing contractor in Los Angeles, CA. A free quote can be acquired by reaching out to us.