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EBA Roofing is the best choice for residents in the Los Angeles and surrounding area who are interested in or need roofing services. We install and maintain all types of roofs. We have been providing roofing services in this area for over twenty years, so you can be sure that our technicians know the needs of our customers very well. Whether you need a simple Los Angeles Area roof repair, or you need your roof replaced and a new roof installed entirely, call us today! We value our customers and strive to provide the best possible services every time. Due to this, most of our new clients come from referrals.

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  • William Ferninson
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    Brian Matian
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    After 20 plus years of wear and tear we were in need for a new roof. We decided to call EBA Roofing for the job. They explained... read more

    Ariel Mocadam
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    We are extremely happy with the results of our new roof! Manny was our project manager & he was helpful, patient, & overall just awesome!! thank you... read more

  • Yassi Soliman
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    Was very happy with this company. They finished everything in a mannerly time. Would recommend! Wont be disappointed. They made my home look amazing. Never been happier.

    James Gurbey
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    I needed a new metal roof for my guest house and I doubt anyone could have done a job as good as the one EBA did. every... read more

    Fernando Selante
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  • Ariel Bandary
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    My roof was damaged and beyond repair, so I decided to give EBA Roofing a call. Manny explained the whole process to me and got straight to... read more

    Natalie Verdi
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    I was in need for a new roof for a long time, we were having leaks when it would rain and overall it made our home look... read more

    Clint Sullivan
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    I needed to repair my roof and it was pretty urgent. My neighbor recommended me EBA Roofing and I called them. We set up a meeting and... read more

  • Josh Wildman
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    I needed to put new roof on my house and my friend recommended me EBA Roofing. I gave them a call and we set up a meeting.... read more

    Benjamin Rodriguez
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    Randy Wilson
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    I must say I had a great experience with this company. EBA Roofing recently replaced my roof with new traditional tile roof. They did excellent job, finished... read more

We Provide Professional Emergency Roof Repair For Los Angeles & Surrounding Area

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    With more than 10,000 satisfied customers and a growing reputation as the best roofers in Los Angeles area, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Northridge, and Woodland Hills, our contractors at EBA Roofing can handle any type of roofing repair, including emergency roof repair services. We are proud of our excellent workmanship and punctuality. California is prone to natural disasters, so it’s crucial that your roof is sturdy. You can hire experienced professionals from our roofing company to help you with your roofing projects. we will be happy to assist you in your roofing needs.

 Your property is exposed to various conditions throughout the year. Some of these can negatively affect your roof if left unattended, which is why you need our reliable roofing in Los Angeles Area. We’re the roofing team local residents trust. We have been in this industry for many years, and we know what it takes to maintain a functional roof. Additionally, our team members are experienced when it comes to emergency roof repair services. We will be able to secure your roof against any form of damage, especially natural disasters such as fires and floods. You can easily protect your home by hiring us for our reliable roofing Van Nuys residents love. We have the safest and sturdiest materials for emergencies which residents can rely on. Do not wait until your roof is too damaged to fix it; call EBA Roofing today!

Why Choose Us?

    We work with both commercial and residential clients. Our Los Angeles Roofing services require no deposit, which allows us to start working on your project quickly instead of spending unnecessary time on paperwork. In addition, we can also inspect your roof for free, so if you are not sure what problems your roof may have, then contact us for an appointment. One of our contractors will come and determine what problems your roof may have and how to fix them.

 Your roof needs repairs if you notice things like missing shingles, curling shingles, broken granules on tile, damaged flashing, rust stains on metal surfaces, etc. In any of these cases, you can contact our experts for roofing Simi Valley residents rely on, and we will make the necessary adjustments. If you live in Simi Valley roof repair that we provide is finished quickly and efficiently.

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Our Sherman Oaks Roofing Contractors Have All Your Roofing Needs!

    If you live in Sherman Oaks and have been looking for the right roofing contractor, you have come to the right place! We specialize in roofing repair, replacement, and installation. In Sherman Oaks, there is no other better choice than EBA Roofing.

    We have been providing our services for many years, and local homeowners trust us to provide them with the best service around. Our roof contractors are always available for you 24×7. If you live in Sherman Oaks or the neighboring cities and are having problems with your roof, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our Sherman Oaks roofing contractors will be there at your service as soon as possible. In addition, we are licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about becoming liable for anything.

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    We have worked hard to master our skills to provide the best roofing in sherman Oaks, residents appreciate us. We use roof cleaning products that are environmentally friendly to ensure that your roof will not be damaged, but instead will retain its color and life. We have been serving this area for many years now, and we have earned ourselves a reputation as one of the most trustworthy roofing contractors in Los Angeles Area. We are fully bonded and insured because we want you to know that your roof is safe and that you can feel confident in our roofers’ skills. If you need an excellent roof cleaning Calabasas residents rely on, please give us a call today.







We Are Home To Qualified Roofers San Fernando Valley Residents

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Our roofers have in-depth knowledge of different roofing materials and roofing techniques, including roofing installation methods, roof repair, and roof inspection. Our roofers are able to work with nearly any type of roof due to their experience and training, and they are trained to work with a team or independently without supervision. Our qualified roofers San Fernando Valley residents love, are aware of the different types of roof tiles, roof shingles, roof rafters, roof collars, and roof vents and the problems that come with these. They are also familiar with roof flashings, roof sheathing, and roof valleys. We know how to assess the damage on roofs safely without damaging them further. We also offer roofing Woodland CA residents prefer because our roofing packages are guaranteed to meet the roofing needs of your home or office building.

Our team has excellent roofers Woodland CA residents rely on because of their speed and efficiency. Our team comprises professionals who have received some of the best training on installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs. We can detect any problems with your roof early so that it is taken care of quickly before they get out of hand. We provide residential and commercial roofing Woodland CA residents need at a very reasonable rate. In addition, we offer solutions for new constructions, replacements, and restoration. To work with our roofers Woodland CA residents love, please give us a call today!

If you are Looking for Reliable Roofers in Santa Clarita then Call Us Now!

Sherman Oaks Roofing Company

Simply put, we are the best roofers in Santa Clarita! Our roofing contractors have worked in this industry for years, so if you need a new roof or want to repair or maintain your existing one, call our roofers today! Our service area includes Santa Clarita and its surrounding communities. Our skilled tradesmen use high-quality materials to ensure that all of their projects are completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget. In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients. Whether your roof is suffering from storm damage, hail damage, missing shingles, sun-damaged asphalt, or leaks, our Santa Clarita roofers can handle it!

We have a large fleet of trucks ready to serve you and the most advanced equipment in the industry. If your roof needs a replacement or if you need roofing repairs, our roofers will provide you with high-quality services at affordable rates. We offer free roof inspections, and we work with insurance companies to make sure you get the most money back. Our expert roofer Santa Clarita residents trust will treat your home or business with care. They can replace damaged materials quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. We use high-quality products from top manufacturers to provide a long-lasting roofing system for both residential and commercial properties.

If you have been looking for highly skilled roofers who can help you maintain or repair your existing roof, give us a call today! We’ll listen carefully to all of your concerns, and if you are interested, you may speak with one of our Santa Clarita roofers to determine what the cost of fixing your roof would be. 


Visit our Roof Maintenance Simi Valley page for more information.

Our Roofing Services in Simi Valley Are Unbeatable! ​

Outside elements such as rainwater, sunlight, wind, and hail threaten the structure of your roof, and over time, can cause significant damage to your property if left untreated. If you are in Simi Valley or Northridge, we are at your service! Our Simi Valley roofing repair team will assess the situation and give you an honest estimate according to your budget. You can call us straight away to learn about the different kinds of roof repairs, installations, and roof maintenance services that we offer. We also have a dedicated Northridge roofing team ready to assist residents in the Northridge area. If you encounter an emergency with your roof, do know that same-day service is available when necessary. To learn more about our services, please contact our Northridge roofing company today! From everyone here at EBA Roofing, we look forward to working with you!

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If you need Simi Valley roofing services, then reach out to us! EBA Roofing has been providing excellent roof services for more than 20 years. We provide affordable and high-quality roofing services and our staff is professional, courteous, and customer-oriented.


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