Installing Cool Roof in Los Angeles

What Is A Cool Roof?

Cool roofs are a type of roofing product that can help reduce the amount of heat absorbed by a building during hot summer months. They are made out of highly reflective paint, sheet covering, tiles, or shingles, and this type of roofing product can help reduce cooling costs for buildings located in Los Angeles, CA and Southern California.
It’s no secret that the Los Angeles summer sun can be a brutal force, capable of heating standard or dark roofs up to temperatures of 150°F or more. To help combat the intense heat and save energy, Cool Roofs can help you! They are capable of lowering roof temperatures by more than 50ºF on hot sunny days and keeping homes cooler inside – providing an energy-saving solution that reduces the need to run your air conditioning system.
It is now a legal obligation to use Cool Roofs when replacing a residential roof, as they have proven to be an incredibly successful method of lowering energy consumption as stated in the Los Angeles Green Building Code.

Advantages of Cool Roof in Los Angeles, CA

Our roofers at Eba Roofing Inc. have the experience and knowledge to make sure your roof is kept cool, whether it’s a new or an existing roof, by carefully selecting the appropriate roofing surface.
Investing in a Cool Roof can really pay off for homeowners in the long run with a variety of advantages. Not only will it result in energy savings, less wear and tear on the A/C system, and an extended lifetime of the roof, homeowners can also take advantage of incentives and rebates from the LADWP.
Filing for rebates can be a pain, but our sales team helps homeowners with the paperwork and gets them the best rebates possible!
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