An emergency roof repair can be the difference between staying inside or spending the night in a leaky and damaged roof. The repairs needed can be as basic as fixing a small roof leak, or as complex as replacing damaged roof shingles. But, what happens when your roof fails? You need other magical resources to ensure that your roof is fully repaired while your primary resources such as electricity, water and bandwidth are not suffered. Roof repairs are essential, and the most important of these needs to be considered an emergency compared to other home repairs. Some roof repairs are more important than others, and the most urgent need to repair can be addressed more quickly.

What Counts as A True “Roofing Emergency?”


Emergency roofing problems come in many categories, and we will examine the three most common that are most likely to appear for homeowners.


Wind Whipped Elements

If you have trees close to your home, they can be a source of damage when strong winds blow. The strong winds will cause branches to partially or completely strike the roof of your home, and the resulting damage is done. If the damage is obvious, it’s possible the roof could fall in around your attic, and the weather and animals will find easy access to your home.



As a result of the weather, storms can wreak the roofing systems of a homeowners’ lawn and roofs. The rain and winds can dislodge tiles, or plaster, or even hail onto the roof, which can create a significant leak for your home. Water: the giver of life perhaps, but it is a big problem that needs immediate attention in order to make the roof of the house.


We never consciously go out of our way to have a fire in our living spaces, but when one ignites and burns a section of the roof, problems arise. The first is structural integrity on the roof – it’s the structural integrity that you need to create that will mitigate the problem.

What Is A “Semi-Emergency” Roof Repair?

Not all roofing emergencies are created equal, and if you have a slow leaking roof, it may not be the big, sudden emergency that other troubles can present. In some circumstances, a tarp and a patch job will actually be the most effective method of fixing the problem. The problem most homeowners have is that they look at minor roofing problems as not that big of a deal. But any roofing contractor will tell you that it is a big deal that will lead to more serious future issues if ignored. It is your home that is your single most important investment; why not be prepared at all times to create a positive home environment for your family.

What Are the Least Urgent Roof Repairs?

Roof repairs can be a significant issue for a homeowner, but not all roofing problems need to be dealt with immediately. If your roof has storm damage and is your insurance agent knocking at your door – a shingle replacement might be in the cards, but it hardly qualifies as a five-alarm fire emergency.


Old age for humans and roof building systems is a problem that needs to be solved today, but it is a problem that can be taken care of, and certainly the sooner the better. The catered benefits of a new roof are extended warranty, better curb appeal, and improved water management on the roof. There is an outlook for longevity, building with a new roof can reduce maintenance costs, and it increases protection from weather related seep.


Roofing work that is affected by the weather. Roofers can only ascend your roof when conditions are good – rain, wind, and storms will keep water below the surface of the roof – repairs that need to be carried out when the weather cooperates.

What to Do When You Need an Emergency Repair on Your Roof

All roofing contractors will tell you that water leaks are the most significant threat, and an emergency roof repair will seek to diffuse the problem. When you have to wait for a contractor due to weather conditions, install a tarp or windscreen around your house to keep water out as best you can before the contractor can assess the damage.


There are a number of steps you can take to help manage any situation – try to protect the roof as best you can.


Eliminating further damage is imperative to the homeowner when problems arise and can diminish the damage if problems do occur in the highly vulnerable attic and interiors of the property. Upon locating the damage and calling for an emergency service line, the roofer will usually come immediately to the scene and offer further assistance.


When a contractor arrives on the construction project, they will assess the condition of the roof from the perspective of last season and formulate a solution for all potential problems.


Next on the list of things that need to be taken care of is contacting your insurance company. Because of the types of policies that insurance companies have, it is important to work with a qualified insurance agent to find out what your insurance coverage will be in the event of a roof leak.


Choosing a Qualified Contractor

The last thing you should do, but which is just as important as everything else, is to hire a licensed contractor. If there seems to be a problem that is very large, make sure it’s managed by a licensed contractor. Do not call the first name that comes up when searching on internet for a contractor. Find who has a lot of years of experience and lots of recommendations to solve your problems. Also, you should never try to get your own contractor insured if you do not have the skills to do so successfully. If you are asking for a deposit that is more than 50 percent shy away from that contractor – shoddy workmanship is a serious problem in the roofing business, and you should take care when selecting a contractor. Don’t hesitate to ask a contractor to supply their references, insurance proof and licensing before you choose what you’re going to do.

We’re Here to Help You with Any Emergency Roof Repairs You Might Need

Damaged roofs leak water; like the sun rising in the East, it is a constant. Whether external or internal, damage can cause damage with the help of a certified, licensed roofing professional. When you hire roofers from EBA Roofing, your faith will be well placed as we are the experts in all things in the residential roofing sector, and our experience is by far the best you can obtain. While trying to identify the problem, we generally supply solutions that will be the right course of action the first time around.



When you bring your problems to us, we will do this in a systematic process to identify your problem first. An inspection that details the issues with digital evidence will be presented before we administer any work on-site. Once the homeowner is satisfied with our diagnosis, a crew will be dispatched with a foreman directing the work. What sets our crew apart is that they are all certified as Master Shingle Applicators. This allows us to provide you with the best possible repairs for your home using only industry-standard techniques.



We want all our customers to know that we are accessible when questions arise, and we want to extend the highest level of respect when we are working around your personal space. At EBA Roofing Inc., we have built our reputation on quality workmanship, trust, and respect unsurpassed in our industry. We aren’t satisfied until you are, and we are dedicated to making your roof repair one that is only done once. When installing roofing products, we follow manufacturer guidelines stringently to protect your warranty.



When you need a roofing contractor for unforeseen problems or emergencies, contact us today at EBA Roofing Inc. 1 800-260-9986 . We are available 24/7 to help you with your roofing needs.