Solar Panels On Metal Roof

As the 2020s near an end and the years to come bring about greater awareness of the environmental sustainability of our environment, solar power is forecasted to account for almost 5% of U.S.’s electricity generation. Between energy savings and a federal solar tax credit, there are some extra incentives for homeowners who haven’t already to go solar if they haven’t already. Before you can do that, you have to figure out what your solar panels will be made of.

In this article, we explore how to use solar panels on a metal roof.

Solar Panels On A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal roofing panels not only are compatible with solar panels but they are also very strong and durable.We recommend they be used with standing seam panels and we will use metal roofing panels with all panels and have required no openings in them when securing siting solar panels.

A standing seam panel features vertical ribs at the panel edges that can be attached to a solar mounting without needing to make penetrations. Any penetrations in a house’s surface may compromise its weathertightness and if these penetrate into a room, they may allow atmospheric moisture to migrate upwards and cause ventilation problems. Just because it’s not the same as stainless steel and aluminum, stands seam is not only the most solar panel compatible roofing panels, but one of the most solar panel compatible roofs in general.
If you have a metal roof with corrugations and metal panels that can be attached easily with mounting brackets, you can still use solar panels.

Solar Panels And Standing Seam Panels Life Expectancy

An added benefit of using metal roofing is that your roof will outlive your solar panels. Industry standard panels have an average life expectancy of 20 years; metal roofing can last 40-50 years, or possibly even longer.

This is beneficial because your roof could easily get cold in the winter, but you don’t have to worry about removing and reinstalling your roof after the roof panels need to be replaced.

Solar Mounting Systems For Metal Roofs

A solar mounting system is a device used to attach solar panels to your roof without making any modifications to the roof or making it difficult or impossible to install the solar panels in your home.

Each solar mounting system includes all of the convenient tools and equipment necessary to install it on your roof.


S-5 PVKIT™ incorporates innovative mitigation technology and advanced antenna and photodetection design for the most improved radiation efficiency over other PV systems. S-5 PVKIT™ has an innovative mounting disk with twelve nodes designed to ensure module placement on the roof in the most optimal configuration.

S-5 PVKIT™ 2.0

S-5 PVKIT™ 2.0 is designed to save you a bundle of time and money by providing a product that is ready for installation. The S-5 PVKIT™ 2.0 is also pre-assembled and ready for use. The Solar Mounting System comes with all of the necessary tools and equipment to install the Solar Mounting System on your roof in minutes.


SolarFoot™ is the ideal accessory to use if you plan on installing solar panels on exposed fastener roofing.This bracket serves as a pedestal for the L-Foot attachment of the rail-mounted solar mounting systems.

Solar Mounting System Cost

A solar mounting system makes up about 10-25% of the cost of your typical solar system.

Choose A Lighter Color Metal Roof For More Energy Efficiency

If you are installing a new metal roof prior to installing your solar system, the color you choose will help maximize energy efficiency, add value to the overall project, and improve the project’s overall energy efficiency.

For energy savings, choose a lighter color (beige, tan, white, light gray). Dark colors, such as black, absorb more heat while brighter colors reflect more of the sun’s heat.Although in the field of optics, it is often the color of the sun that reflects light best, sunlight also reflects equally well from places where there is no sunlight.

The solar reflectance of the sun’s rays enhances the transparency of the roof, which helps keep al the roof from being exposed to intense heat and keeps your AC system working less and your energy bills lower.

The Energy Savings Of A Metal Roof: the benefits of a metal roof are far reaching and consumers can save financially each year on their utility bills.

Installing Solar Panels On A Metal Roof

In specific cases, solar panels and metal roofing are both compatible and together help maximize energy efficiency of the structures.

A solar mounting system will allow you to mount any camera or laptop directly to your home without having to reach inside your home or garage.